Company Brochure
Official Launch of Petrochem Performance Chemicals – Kuwait LMP Expansion

Our Chairman, H.E. Abdulla Mohamed Al Mazrui has recently visited Kuwait to launch the LMP expansion of our drilling fluids solutions operating company, Petrochem Performance Chemicals (PPC) – part of the Mazrui Energy division.

The special occasion was well attended by high-level personalities to warmly welcome and congratulate our Chairman and the rest of the PPC Team. The UAE Ambassador of Kuwait, Dr. Matar AlNeyadi, and our Kuwait local partners, Thunayan Al Ghanim and Saoud Al Ghanim of Al Ghanim Oil & Gas were present during the special occasion.

Over the past three years, PPCs operational excellence has been recognized by KOC with significant growth in the number of rigs supported by PPC. To accommodate this continued growth of PPC work volume in Kuwait, it was necessary to expand our operational facility from a 10,000bbl to a 15,250bbl capacity. The additional 7 x 750bbl tanks were fabricated, installed, and commissioned in June of 2022.

Congratulations to the outstanding team in Kuwait and may you continue to be the ‘flagship’ not only of PPC operations but of Mazrui Group also.